February 20, 2018


Claims Management

Our primary objective is working together to minimize your workers’ compensation costs. We provide a hands on approach in managing your claims. United Comp responds quickly to troublesome claims to ensure they never reach the employer’s experience.

Attorney Representation

United Comp provides attorney representation at Industrial Commission hearings rather than hearing reps. This approach further protects your interests by maximizing representation. Attorneys have specific rights and functions in front of the Industrial Commission that are not afforded to hearing reps. All of this is done at no additional costs to the employer.
>> Know the difference between Attorney’s and Hearing Representatives


Our team is very thorough in reviewing claims and determining whether a settlement would be beneficial to the employer. Settlements are very important in eliminating reserves and ultimately reducing claims’ costs, thus reducing the costs to the employer.

Handicap Reimbursements

Our hands on approach and vast experience enable United Comp to locate reimbursable conditions which, in turn, reduces the costs applied to an employer’s experience. We review each and every claim searching for handicap conditions. United Comp takes care of the entire process from filing the application through attending the hearing and finally receiving the award.

Drug Free Workplace Program

United Comp can assist you in evaluating this BWC program for your company. We can also refer your company to one of our preferred vendors to conduct the training required for your supervisors and employees.