February 20, 2018

New BWC Rating Plan Protects Workers And Encourages Them To Return to Work

Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC)  has introduced a new rating plan that encourages employers to maintain safe workplaces and to work with injured workers to speed their return to work.  It’s a plan that that tries to prevent injuries and tries to get workers to return to work quicker after they are healthy because a quick return to work has increases the chances of a positive outcome for the injured worker and saves money.

The new plan is called Destination: Excellence and it aims to improve return-to-work rates by offering employers more choice in building a risk management plan that focuses on safety, prevention and returning those who are injured to their jobs more quickly.

Employers can select from seven new and existing program options

  1. Industry Safety – Rewards employers for establishing industry-specific safety strategies.
  2. Safety Council - Provides discounts to employers who participate in safety council programming. In addition, rebates are awarded for demonstrating actual reductions in workplace injuries.
  3. Drug Free Safety - Provides a discount for companies that promote a work environment free of drugs and alcohol.
  4. Transitional Work – Rewards employers for demonstrating success in bringing injured workers back in a modified capacity while allowing them to recover from their injury.
  5. Vocational Rehab – Rewards employers who work with medical partners and BWC to find alternative-job opportunities for workers involved in serious accidents.
  6. Go Green - Employers save time by managing their account online.
  7. Lapse-free Discount – Encourages employers to keep accounts current.

> Destination:Excellence Hand-out

NOTE: Over the past four years, the number of injured workers getting back to work within a year has fallen from 75 percent to below 69 percent. Medical and indemnity costs are rising faster than the national average. And, the cost of BWC’s long term claims is the worst in the nation. Eight years from the date of injury, BWC still has more than 45 percent of total claim costs left to pay out, compared to the nationwide average of 17 percent.

Source: Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation