February 20, 2018

“Grow Ohio” Program Allows New Employers Group Ratings In Their First Policy Year

At the September 2011 meeting, the BWC Board of Directors approved the creation and implementation of the Grow Ohio Incentive Program. This program was designed to foster economic development within the state of Ohio.

View the executive summary and rule, as presented to the BWC Board of Directors.


To encourage job creation in Ohio, the Grow Ohio Incentive Program (“Grow Ohio”) will provide new employers in Ohio the option of (1) receiving a 25% discount on their worker’s compensation premiums or (2) electing to participate in the Group Experience Rating Program (“Group Rating”) within thirty days of making an initial application for workers’ compensation coverage. For Policy Year 2012, Employers participating in Group Rating are eligible for a maximum discount of 51%.  Currently, new employers are not permitted to participate in Group Rating until the policy year following the policy year in which they first obtain workers’ compensation coverage.