February 20, 2018

>> Destination: Excellence Program

Destination: Excellence Program Options

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>> Vocational Rehabilitation

Rewards employers that work with medical partners and BWC to provide vocational rehabilitation plans to return seriously injured workers back to the workplace.  For more information, visit BWC’s vocational rehabilitation page.

Potential incentive: Negotiated payments from BWC as well as defraying of rehab costs through BWC surplus fund; applicable to claims with any date of injury.

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>> Transitional Work

Employers with an approved transitional work plan may receive a back-end discount for using the plan to return injured workers back to work. Well developed transitional work programs can save employers money by returning injured workers back to the workplace in a safe, timely manner. For more information, visit BWC’s transitional work page.

Potential incentive: 10-percent bonus for using an established transitional work program; applicable to claims with dates of injury within that policy year.

Transitional work grants
Additionally, employers that have not received a transitional work grant from BWC in the past, may apply for funds to help them contract with certified transitional work developers to establish a transitional work program in their workplace.

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>> Safety Councils

Employers can increase safety awareness and receive a premium rebate by participating in a local safety council. They can earn an additional rebate for reductions in claims frequency and severity. Requirements for this rebate program are available on BWC’s safety councils page.

Potential incentive: 2-percent rebate for participation; 2-percent bonus rebate for performance

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>> Lapse-Free Discount

To reward timely payers, employers that have had no lapses in coverage during the past 60 months can receive a premium discount.

Potential incentive: 1-percent premium discount (up to $1,000 every six months)

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>> Industry-Specific Safety Program

Helps employers improve workplace safety by focusing on risks associated with specific industry types and developing strategies to prevent injuries. Requirements include completion of an online safety and claims management self-assessment and completion of one, two or three loss-prevention activities depending on the employer’s payroll. We categorize employers by payroll as follows.

  • Less than or equal to $100,000 in payroll – complete one loss-prevention activity
  • More than $100,000 and up to $300,000 in payroll – complete two loss-prevention activities
  • More than $300,000 in payroll – complete three loss-prevention activities

Loss-prevention activities include industry-specific training classes, attendance at BWC’s Ohio Safety Congress & Expo and/or on-site field consulting with one of our safety and health experts. For more details, visit BWC’s Industry-Specific Safety Program page.

Potential incentive: 3 percent

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>> Go-Green Discount

Employers can reduce paperwork and receive a premium discount for receiving their payroll report electronically, reporting their payroll and paying premiums in full on ohiobwc.com while helping the environment.

Potential incentive: 1-percent premium discount (up to $1,000 every six months)

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>> Drug Free Safety Program

Our Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP) provides a discount for promoting a work environment free of drugs and alcohol. Requirements include implementing elements of either BWC’s DFSP basic or advanced level. For details, visit our DFSP information page.

Potential incentive: 4 percent for DFSP basic; 7 percent for DFSP advanced

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Program Compatibility

Please note: Some of the options listed above are not compatible with certain BWC rating plans and programs. For more information on program compatibility, please review BWC’s program discount compatibility chart.

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